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dog treadmills informationNeed dog treadmill information?

This is the place!

From why they are needed  to selecting a size to starting training safely with a treadmill pro!

And the array of dog treadmills is rather dizzying; which is the best dog treadmill for your dog? I built the table below to help answer that question.

Product NameProduct PictureMax WeightTotal Size/
Run Area
PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill - Small

Up to 30 lbsTotal: 44 x20x21"
Run Area: 30x14"
Programmable Speed ( 0-5 mph), Pre-Program Workouts, Whisper-quiet
Total Pet Health Treadmill, 30-Pound

Up to 30 lbsTotal: 45 x 21.5 x 32"
Run Area: NA
Safety collar clip stops machine if disconnected.
Programmable for speed, time & distance
Dog Supplies Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill

Up to 44 lbsTotal: 46" x 23" x 11"
Run Area: 28"x 16"
Speed and timer control
Emergency safety stop
Speed from;0.6 - 7.4 MPH
Very quiet
Mini pacer Dog Treadmill

Up to 55 lbs Total: 42 x 21.5 x 8"
Run Area: 36.6' x 16"
Customized programs
4.5° angle
Compact, portable folding
DogTread Medium Dog Treadmill - Without K9 Fitness Program - PZ-1702

Up to 60 lbsTotal: 62 x 24 x 20"
Run Area: 47 " x 17"
Adjustable Speed: .5 to 7.0 MPH - Incline Options: 0% and 9% - Collapsible Canvas Side Panels - Remote Control - Safety Start and Stop
PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill, Up to 150-Pounds, Large

Up to 150 lbsTotal: 89 x24 x19"
Run Area: 75x17"
Programmable Speed ( 0-7 mph) - Incline 0% and 9% - Collapsible Canvas Side Panels - Remote Control - Safety Stop
Total Pet Health Exercising Dog Treadmill

Up to 150 lbsTotal: 60" x 27" x 13"
Run Area: 54 x 15.75"
Programmable for speed, time or distance, Three-way incline adjustment
Safety collar clip stops machine if disconnected. Locking front wheels for easy portability
Dog Supplies Petrun Pr720e Dog Treadmill

Up to 175 lbsTotal: 70" x 25" x 16"
Run Area: 52" x 16"
Incline can be changed,
Remote or manual control,
Speed and timer control,
Emergency safety stop,
Speed from 0.6 - 7.5 MPH,
Very quiet.
dogPACER Dog Treadmill

Up to 179 lbsTotal: 76 x 27 x 46"
Run Area: 71 X 16.5"
Folding Patented space saving design. Pre-set customized dog fitness programs.
Running speed - 0.5 to 7.5 MPH.
Incline: 5 - 9 Degrees. Collapsible side panels.
GoPet Petrun PR730 Encloseable Treadmill for Large Dogs up to 264 lbs

Up to 265 lbsTotal: 104 x 24 x 33"
Run Area: 98'' x 25''
Incline can be changed.
Speed and timer control. Emergency safety stop.
Speed: 0.6 - 7.5 MPH. Very quiet.

* What is Run Area? This is the belt area on the treadmill that your dog will work on. Total Area is a storage/placement issue, Run Area is a dog issue.

Have questions about dog treadmills? Ask below. I love talking to people about their dogs; especially people this serious about their dog’s health and well-being.  – Sarah Wilson, Dog Pro


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